Work From Home Guide 2021

Are you working from home lately and looking for a definitive guide or made-easy that can make your life easier, better, and more successful?

Whether you are an online entrepreneur or an IT employee, you must be prepared to work from home if not practicing it already. However, things can get clumsy at home. Ask Me!

In this Work From Home Guide, you will learn everything about working from home and you will get everything that you would need to work from home smartly, effectively, and peacefully.

On WFHTechie, our main aim is to help you understand what it takes to work from home, how you can prepare yourself to adapt to working from home, and the various advantages and disadvantages of working from home. 

We would also talk about how you can set up your small home-office and arrange it to make an ambiance that will boost your productivity and help you complete your tasks in time and achieve your goals.

Welcome to Work From Home Guide 2021. Let’s get started!

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What is working from home?

WFHTechie - What is Working From Home

Working from home is mainly working on the computer and earning your living without going out of your home. In simple words, when the regular office work is done remotely, it is called work from home.

It was part of the business continuity plan, initially. Employees who experienced an emergency at home took permission to work from home, where they could save the time spent on traveling between office and home, and catered to the crisis at home without hampering the regular office work.

Well, that was the ideal case even a year ago. Now, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is probably an idyllic setup for most IT companies around the world. Everyone is pushing employees to work from home, wherever possible.

During the pandemic, various IT companies started to encourage their employees to stay home and work from there itself. Some of the prominent companies have declared that their employees will work from home forever.

Working from home is not always working only from your home. You are actually free to work from any place other than your office. Working from anywhere outside the office is generally called working from home.

Work from home is not new. There is a considerable section of the society who always worked from home. Take online entrepreneurs and freelancers, for example. The only way they worked all this while is from their home.

Work from home has a popular acronym, which is WFH. It is a widely used and very trendy term among the techies and freelancers used to working from home.

Who can work from home?

Even though we are only talking about working from home in this blog and trying to project its advantages and disadvantages, we must admit that not everyone can work from home.

Working from home is only possible for a tiny group of people who spend most of their working time on the computer. Yes, this community of WFH Techies is indeed only a small fraction of the entire group of working people.

Most people in this world who earn money by exchanging their manual skills and physical presence cannot work from home.

Take examples of the policemen, health-workers, public servants, people who work in the factories, warehouses, manufacturing units, transportation & communication media, and similar others. They cannot work from home.

Work from home is mainly for those who work on the computer. The information technology (IT) sector can efficiently work from home, provided they have useful internet and power supply.

Also, only those who can work independently and do not need constant supervision can work from home. There is a need for some self-motivation to be able to work from home.

If you are on your own and running an online business or working as a solo freelancer, you need to keep yourself motivated at all times.

When you work from home, you seldom get someone to supervise you and your work. If you are dedicated and can do quality work when no one is watching over you, you can work from home efficiently.

WFHTechie - Who can work from home

What does it mean to work from home?

WFHTechie - What does it mean to work from home

Working from home essentially means that the techie is working from his or her home, a public library, a café, or even an open-to-sky park nearby, but not from the office, which is the regular place of work.

All that you need to work from home is a good internet connection and an uninterrupted power supply. Come what may, the work should not stop. If you have power in your laptop and connect to the internet, you can work from anywhere you want.

The concept of working from home is simple and was an optional alternative to working from the office all these years. After the onset of the pandemic, more people are taking up working from home – some have taken it voluntarily, while their employers are forcing others to work from home.

Remote work has gained quite traction in the last few months. Most companies have set up new rules or have altered existing WFH policies to allow more and more employees to work from anywhere they want.

Working from home can be full-time, part-time, and even based on the convenience of the employee. Employers are also coming up with new policies and systems to enable employees to work from home without any problems.

While working from the office has its benefits and drawbacks, working from home is beneficial to both the employees and the employers in many different ways.